Ella Dining Room and Bar - Sacramento

Job 169514 - Pastry Chef
Sacramento, CA

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Job Details

Location: Sacramento, CA
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Position Summary:

A Pastry Chef is responsible for supplying and creating all dessert food items and staffing employees to meet the demand of the Restaurant’s services.  In addition, the Pastry Chef must ensure that the food quality & customer satisfaction continue to meet or exceed the Restaurant’s standards.  The Pastry Chef ensures that all food products are properly received, stored, cleaned, prepared and executed.  The Pastry Chef has the knowledge of and trains employees to maintain sanitary food handling practices in the kitchen at all times. 


Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Reports directly to the Executive Chef in conjunction with the Corporate Executive Chef and officers of the company.
  • Hire, manage, train and terminate employees as it pertains to their department
  • Create and gain approval from executive chef and owners for all new product ideas
  • Set, distribute and manage all prep & cooking tasks to cooks
  • Understand and control food cost and labor cost to remain within budgetary guidelines
  • Review all orders for accuracy, approve and submit for payments
  • Attend manager, employee, accounting and corporate meetings
  • Ensures that all recipes are followed properly and that food is handled in a sanitary manner at all times
  • Execute and develop bakery recipes as required for menu items, special events and holidays
  • Record and backs-up recipes in the restaurant’s recipe software for future use
  • Adhere and train employees to maintain all local, state, and federal laws regarding food safety and sanitation
  • Communicates and assures that employees are trained and adhere to company policies which include but are not limited to the employee handbook.
  • All other duties and assignments received by Executive Officers and owners.


Minimum Qualifications and Characteristics:

  1. Must have 8 years of baking and pastry experience.
  2. Must have been in a management position for minimum of 3 years
  3. Must have managed and trained a staff of no less than 2 employees
  4. Must have graduated from a culinary school with the focus on pastry/baking
  5. Able to communicate verbally in an articulate manner.
  6. Must have serve safe certificate or equivalent manager certification
  7. Must be at least 25 years of age

Essential Physical & Mental Functions:

  1. Ability to process and communicate information received
  2. Ability to communicate with employees, management, and customers in person and on the phone.
  3. Ability to read, write and analyze accurately in order to complete tasks assigned and all required documentation.
  4. Ability to walk on uneven ground, including mats and steps, freely accessing all areas of the restaurant.
  5. Ability to use a computer, including but not limited to word, excel, outlook, hot schedules and the ability to learn all additional software programs used by the restaurant.
  6. Ability to work varied hours/days as business dictates. 

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